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Expertise, innovation and passion: meet Metafor

Metafor has been manufacturing unique metal components for over half a century. Every one of our products is a discrete but vital link in a larger whole. We don’t only manufacture products that are essential, we create them too.

Discover how we do this.

Extensive expertise in metalworking

Our team members can reflect on over 50 years’ experience as metalworking sub-contractor. We also aim to maximise the use of this far-reaching product knowledge and development expertise. When creating elementary links, we actively look for all possible ways to make a difference.

The evidence? Our long-term partnerships with strong international companies such as Caterpillar, Betafence and Kubota.

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A breath of fresh air in a centuries-old craft

This history of the metal industry goes back many centuries. And yet our sector has evolved at a rapid rate in recent decades. Metafor has expanded over the years to become an innovation leader within the sector.

During the construction of our new building we also purchased brand new and state-of-the-art machinery. This machinery ensures that our work is efficient, fast and of high-quality. We are also evolving in the area of software: employees are using smart digital tools to streamline internal working methods and communications with customers.

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Quality first

We manufacture metal components that, in their own way, make a huge difference. They support other components, provide a connection or are capable of moving several tonnes. This means that high quality is vital. We carefully check each component that leaves our factory. This led to our quality level falling below 200 PPM, an above-average and excellent score!