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Millions of small parts that improve your safety

You’re sure to know them: Betafence fencing. They improve the safety of demarcated areas in many places across the world. Such sturdy fencing of course also requires solid accessories. And that’s what Metafor does!

Essential components for wire fencing

We produce a huge range of components for the well-known Betafence fencing. In one month we may produce around 1,000 metal and stainless steel components, and in another month as many as 600,000(!) Betafence components will leave our warehouse.

We produce all these components using:

  • Presswork
  • Laser cutting
  • Welding (manually and using a robot)
  • Pleating
  • Die making and design

All types of surface treatments, such as varnishes and electrogalvanizing

A rock-solid partnership

The partnership between Betafence and Metafor goes back over 40 years. Betafence selected us as partner at the time and, thanks to our quality, service and delivery reliability, they remained a loyal customer throughout the years. This is mainly due to our experience in manual and automatic presswork and the impeccable finish of our work.

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