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Precision work for over 100,000 retailers

We produce many heavy metal components every day. And yet, we are also the partner of choice for detailed precision work. The best evidence of this? You see it every day and it makes a huge difference for thousands of retailers, bar staff and waiters.

Essential for the ‘beep-beep-beep’

In restaurants, shops and cafes, you’re regularly presented with a Banksys’ payment terminal. They are really efficient indeed: just pop your bank card in, enter your PIN code and ‘beep-beep-beep’, paid! The merchant tears off the payment receipt and you’re ready to go.

And it’s in that final step that Metafor makes a huge difference. Have you ever noticed how smoothly the payment receipt is torn away? That’s down to us.

Sharp precision work

Metafor actually produces that sharp, serrated metal strip that sits in the terminal. This great example of precision work, formed by pressing of coil, is strong, small and lasts for years.

It wasn’t possible to simply purchase the die for this metal strip. So we designed and manufactured this die ourselves; something that’s also known as a customised progressive die. It enables us to always guarantee that the Banksys small metal strips are a perfect fit!


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