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Die making

Metafor is a full service metalworking sub-contractor. This means that we carry out as many services as possible ourselves. We take care of the design, the refining and the maintenance of dies. This ensures that we have complete control of the quality of your end product.

The production of dies

A die is an essential tool for metalworkers. This enables us to push and punch different metals perfectly in the right form.

In doing so, we can accelerate the creation of certain forms, which results in a higher quality and a lower price. The die makers at Metafor are specialists in the creation and management of:

  • Punch dies
  • Progressive dies
  • Welding gauges
  • Pleatforming

High-quality dies of Belgian origin

We mostly produce dies for industrial machinery. These components must be of high-quality, suitable and strong. To guarantee these parameters, we conduct strict internal quality controls. This has enabled us to increase our quality score to an absolute highpoint: 200 PPM.

The best evidence of our far-reaching quality? We use our own dies ourselves.

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