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Metafor is an experienced specialist in cutting, pleating or punching metal. If you need a somewhat complex metal part, we can use our industrial laser technology for this. We can meld the various parts together into one cohesive unit.

Industrial and automated welding

Our ready-made metal parts for assembly are an essential component for machines, seals, wind turbines, etc. It is therefore vital that these items are a 100% match for the end products. That is why we weld our metal components together to the desired shape.

We are experts in machine and manual welding. We can weld together precision work as well as complex metal components in the correct way.

High-quality industrial welding

First and foremost, industrial welding needs to be of high-quality. That is why our welding work is finished to perfection. The seam is nice and hardly visible, which reduces assembly time.

The result of such precise quality checks? A quality score of below 200 PPM, an exceptionally positive result in the metal processing sector!

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